Testimony - Injured back and calcium build-up a challenge for Christ?

Testimony – Injured back & calcium build-up – God’s Gift

Testimony – all glory belongs to Jesus!

So my beautiful wife and I took my daughter’s car to get repaired by a friend/acquaintance of ours. We weren’t aware that when we asked for his help that he was injured and on light-duty.

When we arrived, he jacked up her car and repaired everything. But I could tell he was in pain. I asked and he explained he injured his back and is also seeing an orthopedic doctor for calcium build-up on his knee. He showed me he couldn’t bend his leg fully, due to the pain caused from the calcium buildup.

I said let me show you something and I pointed at his knee

He also shared he had injured his lower back during work. I told him how much I appreciated him repairing my daughter’s car and offered $$ but he refused to accept. Before we left, I said let me show you something and I pointed at his right knee. He immediately stated his knee was tingling and getting really warm.

I told him to tell me when the sensation stopped and after a few minutes, he said “ok, it stopped”. I said “Check your knee.”

He bent down to the ground 2-3 times then grabbed his leg from behind to fully extend and he says “That’s crazy, I couldn’t do that! I couldn’t bend my knee like that at all for a long time now. There is absolutely no pain at all and I can bend it completely!”

That’s Jesus, bro!

I said that’s Jesus, bro! I asked about his back and he showed me right where the pain was and I pointed at his back. He says “this is freaky, never felt anything like it. First, it started tingling but now I feel movement inside my back!” He checked and all his pain was completely gone!

He does believe in Jesus but never experienced anything like this. I got to share quite a bit with him before we left. I told him this is the Gospel, though I do recommend attending church, it’s not about going to church, but being the church!

“God certainly has given you an amazing gift!”

He said “God certainly has given you an amazing gift!” I said yes, He has. But the gift isn’t the healing, the gift is Him. He lives inside me and He is healing, He is life, He is deliverance, He is salvation and every believer has the same gift!

We just need to believe it and go give Jesus to every person we meet. That’s called being the church. Then, when we meet on Sundays in a building, we can worship Him for who He is. We can build up each other so that every person in the building can be the church 24/7.

He said “I never thought of it like that, but what you are saying is exactly what Jesus did!”

Before we pulled away, he again completely checked his knee and back and he was 100% healed..

Jesus is king! It is such an honor and privilege to watch Jesus radically change lives!

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