Testimony: From Satanic Artist to Christian

This is the testimony of Michael Grant aka PJ (Philly Jesus) of Philadelphia, PA, in his own words.

I was 19 years old, just 2 days before Christmas Eve 2005, when my ex-girlfriend ran me over with a minivan. I got sucked under the car like a vacuum cleaner. In that moment of getting sucked under, I literally saw my whole life flash before my eyes: literally! And the last flash I saw was me getting run over. The last flash was my head completely smashed, with my eye-balls popped out and my brain splattered across the street. When i saw this flash, I screamed at the top of my lungs “Jeeeessssuuuuussss!!!!!!!!”

In the hospital after being run over
In the hospital after being run over

While I was under the minivan, I was spun like a rag doll in the tire, bouncing up and down like a basketball underneath the minivan. From the front tire, I was shot to the back tire, like a pin ball in a pin ball machine. The minivan ran over my hips and abdominal area and instead of my head being completely demolished, my knee was completely crushed. My knee cap was turned around to the other side, the shin bone sticking out.

So Much Pain

I was in so much pain that there was no pain. I was completely numb. The tires completely stripped off all my clothes. After the minivan ran over me, I was left in the street, in the dead of winter, naked. To make a long story short, the ambulance came and the doctors shot me up with morphine. They then did surgery on my knee and took x-rays of my abdominal area. The docs said it was a miracle that there was no internal damage at all!

And that was the beginning of my long road of drug addiction to opiates and heroin for 7 years of my life. Jesus Christ saved my life that night when I called on His name. And I didn’t even know him personally at the time! But He knew me before He laid out the foundations of existence. Jesus always did have my back and always will!! Thank you, Jesus for always being there for me!!!

Michael sinks even deeper…!

testimony philly-JesusAfter being completely run over by a mini-van by an ex-girlfriend in 2005, my life continued to spiral downhill.

I spent years addicted to opiates because of the prescription medications for pain.

I became a local Philadelphia satanic music artist named “Opal Weaver” (YouTube), who practiced witchcraft and was addicted to shooting up heroin and smoking crack.

For years, I lived an evil, wicked, selfish lifestyle of the devil, robbing and stealing.

Living a life of crime (writing fake checks, stealing credit cards) to feed my slavery to drugs, which eventually caught up to me.

I was in and out of jail and eventually placed in a court-stipulated program for 73 days, where I hit rock bottom..

While put away, because of a Bible study there, I found out that the source of my existence, Jesus Christ, is the rock at the bottom. I heard “the too good to be true” News: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How God, the Source of all life, took on flesh and blood. He became a Man named JESUS, and went to hell for us on a blood-soaked cross.

Nailing It All to the Cross

All the heroin I shot up for years, all the crack I smoked, all the fake checks I wrote, all the money I stole, all the credit cards I swiped, all my sins, all my iniquities, from the past, present and future, was nailed to the cross. Jesus took my punishment and judgment for my wrong doing and rebellion against Him and I can exchange my sin to Him on the cross for His perfection and righteousness and entry into Heaven.

So I repented of my sins and surrendered my life to JESUS and invited Him into my heart. He brought me to my knees in tears of joy and broke every chain of drug addiction and sin in my life. I have been saved by the selfless, sweet Blood of JESUS! I am born again and have been over 2 years clean and sober.

Now I use my passion for the performing arts to portray Jesus by dressing up like Him as a strategy to witness His Gospel & to share my testimony of how He saved me. The same way JESUS is brought to the big screen as a movie, I bring Him to the streets.