A Prayer for Nigeria

Take that satan! – A Prayer For Nigeria

This is a special request we got for prayers for Nigeria. Please let us join together in prayer for the nation and its people.

Father I thank You for this great country of Nigeria. I thank You for all the things that You have done, all You are doing and about to do over there.

Lord, I ask that You awaken this land and cause the people to hear Your voice, oh God! Father, send forth Your Spirit of Truth in every part of Nigeria.

Provide laborers for Your harvest, Lord that the Gospel will be preached in every dwelling home. Convict them, oh God, of sin, unrighteousness and judgement.

Lord, cause them to repent and turn from their idols. Let their hearts be changed, my God, and deliver them from the bondage of corruption. Lead them into the glorious liberty as they become Your sons and daughters.

Remove every desire from their hearts that is not of You and replace with the Desire Of All Nations! (Jesus).

I come against every religious spirit, suicidal spirit, every spirit of sickness and poverty, that spirit of incest and homosexuality, every spirit of deception, fear, murder, witchcraft, divorce, division and strife, in the mighty name of Jesus!

Break every negative mindset

Break every negative mindset right now, in the name of Jesus! Satan, I say to you, your weapons are disarmed and dismantled, in the mighty name of Jesus!

Lord, thank You for sending Your angels before Your servants who are ministering to the people of Nigeria as well as the people who are surrendering their hearts to You, my God.

Lord, I thank You that the people of Nigeria will receive the message of Salvation in love and with an open heart.

Cause the people of Nigeria to rise up and take a stand for You, oh Lord! Make them mighty warriors for Your kingdom and cause them to stand against Boko Haram, in the name of Jesus!

Empower them to fight back with Your Word and let them become bold, for You have not given them the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind! I declare Shalom in the midst of their troubles!

The peace of God

The peace of God they shall rest in! Let this nation be filled with the knowledge of who You are and gather them to worship You in spirit and in truth.

Thank You, for You are faithful and Your promises are yes and amen! Thank You, Father, for making Your enemies Your footstool in Nigeria.

I declare that every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over Nigeria!

I declare that You will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth towards You from their hearts, oh God! Thank You and glory to You God! I call these things done, in the mighty name of Jesus!…Amen.

A Prayer for Nigeria

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2 thoughts on “Take that satan! – A Prayer For Nigeria”

  1. Blessing I ask your Deliverance and protection for the people of Nigeria my Lord break the back bone of Satan give the people the strength your armor God I pray watch over them in osun and the surrounding areas Gods Yahweh send your spirit to be be upon them protect them keep them watch over then lord also I ask protection safety and guidance for Deborah Rose Andrew my father my Lord you are King of Kings Lord of lords one God one creator one gift you are The great I Am. I ask this in your Holy name Jesus Christ Amen..

  2. Amen and Amen
    your will be done for Nigeria Lord and all other Nations
    in Jesus Mighty Name
    We all need you Lord Jesus
    Thank you Lord Jesus

    God bless

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