From Paramaribo, Suriname, Rachel Cynthia Stakel was born into a Christian family and has been serving the Lord all her life. She is currently in Trinidad and Tobago, singing at various Gospel concerts and worshiping the Lord. Born on the 4th of December 1988, Rachel recognizes the impact of the Lord on every aspect of her life. She has never had to repeat a class in school and was the best of the class at most times.

Although she did not grow up with her father, she has a sweet and loving family demonstrating every day who God is and what it means to serve God with all you have, especially her mother and grandmother who really invested in her just like the mother and grandmother of Timothy. “I really experienced God as my father,” she alludes, ” because I did not have a father in the house. I learned since I was a little girl to share everything with Him. He also provided in a lot of spiritual fathers whom loved me like their own and still do.”

G-girl, as she is affectionately called, has been blessed with a singing/worship ministry and a ministry to work with young people. These two ministries are intertwined as through her ministry of song, God is speaking to her and she can give back to others.

It was a journey of prayer, excitement, disappointment, open doors and hard work that finally resulted in the birth of her first CD : Good Woman. Back in 2010, in Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname, God finally opened the doors she so awaited. She met Noel Williams who introduced her to his brother Phillip Williams. They are both part of the WILLBRO Music Production. In September 2010, she was able to start the recordings of a vision that she had walked with for years. A vision given by God, whereby she sings. First to exalt God and secondly to encourage people in their everyday life. Since then, her music has taken her to Guyana, Jamaica, French Guyana and Holland and of course, Trinidad and Tobago.

What makes her really happy is seeing young people serving God with all they have. And it excites her to be used by God in the process of drawing young people towards Him.

Song: I Am
Artists: Asgar Koster – featuring Rachel G-girl Stakel and Jay Square



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