Speaking About Christ in Public? No way!

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is how God changes His people. I commute to work and about three-four years ago, people were ashamed to talk about God, and even more controversially, Jesus. The name of Jesus could start a quarrel or fight.

About two years ago, a shift seemed to have happened and I started to notice people reading their Bibles in public transit. They would try to hide what they were reading, but Brothers and Sisters, the Word cannot be hidden.

This year I noticed people reading the Bible openly in public and even listened to them having conversations about God.

I sometimes struggle to talk about God publicly. I once sat next to an older man on the train and was dreading that he would strike up a conversation with me. I know Trinis (I’m orginally from Trinidad and Tobago) like to talk, but sometimes, I want my peace and quiet.

The man started talking to me and I begin to squirm because I just knew he was going to ask me about Jesus in the stillness of the train for all to hear. He proceeded to tell me about all of his life’s works and who he was and what he was and who he knew. In my imagination I rolled my eyes a thousand times because I did not care to hear it. Then comes the Jesus moment. He says. “I walk 7 kilometres everyday and I go to the temple everyday. How do you know there is a god?”

God tells my Spirit that the only reply I am to give this man for the rest of the journey is “I Am”. So I replied “I Am God”. This answer seemed to have blown his mind because he replied “Never have I heard such an answer!” He proceeded to ask me a multitude of questions and all I can do is reply “I Am”. He left the train intrigued and looking back at me. This man was 83 years old. I wondered if this was the first time he’s ever heard a Word from God. What was amazing is how “I Am” captured his interest and fascinated him for the entire journey. I had to learn there is nothing sheepish about spreading and speaking the Word of God, even in public. You never know how God will use you to change someone’s life forever.

Boldness in God, especially when you dread it, is my prayer for you today. Go forth and spread the gospel in the way He wants you to. You never know when one Word from God will change someone’s life. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

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