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Single mother need prayers to find employment


I have been unemployed for a while and I need to get a job. As a single mother, I am going back to school to better myself as well as my daughter. Please pray for me to find employment that will make me be able to go to classes and be around to see about my daughter. Thanks to everyone in advance for taking the time to pray for me. I pray that whatever is troubling you, that God helps you through.

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  1. This prayer is for the single parents, Father God I come to you the name of Jesus, Asking that your Will be done. Your word says, “you shall supply all our needs”, the need are not being met due lack of employment/income I’m asking that you open doors that no man can shut, send opportunities that was never thought of, I speak the the Blessing of Abraham over those who are in need that this shall be a season of overflow. If there is anything hindering them from receiving their blessing I ask that you bring it to light, so they may deal with it according to your Word. Your word says that Jesus came that we may have life and it more abundantly. I speak financial increase over those who are lacking and behind on bills. In Jesus mighty name I pray Amen!

  2. Lord You know the needs of Your daughter. You know her desires and her innermost secrets. Guide her with Godly wisdom, discernment and Bold revelation of what You have for her. Open her eyes to see any distraction holding her back from the blessings and provision You have for her. Lord shine Your light on her and her daughter that she knows that they are Both Princeses as they are daughters of a King. They are never alone, forgotten or abandoned. I pray you bind the deceptions of the world off her and her daughter and loosen favor, protection and ministering Angels at every impasse.
    In Jesus name we pray, Amen