Restore Love in my Marriage

Please God restore my Marriage Right Now. The vows we gave each other, let him yearn for me. Let him realize that no one else is there for him and make him leave all and everyone behind and understand they are so toxic for us in every way. Make cleave to me Right now, this very moment, in God’s Mighty Name I humbly pray. Amen

  • Keima says:

    Lord Jesus saturate Amber’s marriage with your fire, bind her and her husbands heart together, make their marriage impossible to break in Jesus name.
    Lord saturate their marriage with love, peace, joy and happiness in Jesus name.
    Lord remove every mark of rejection from Amber’s life with the blood of Jesus.
    Every arrow of divorce fired into Amber’s marriage return to sender in Jesus name.
    Every dark river of marital distress flowing to Amber from her mother, father, and in laws place dry up now in Jesus name.
    I bind marriage destroying spirits from Amber’s marriage in the mighty name of Jesus, and set fire to every cord of wickedness.
    I declare your husband drinks water out of his own cistern according to Proverbs 5:15 in Jesus name.
    Lord we thank You for answering our prayers.

  • Marcelina Southall says:

    Always a blessing to see you on my phone first thing in the morning.

  • Marcelina Southall says:

    I believe Jesus has heard me cocerning my prayers so I am patent in waiting on the lordbut for all the others listed my heart crys for you and what you’re going through you are wrapped in the loving arms of the Father so rest he’s taken care of everything for you.

  • Rachel says:

    Dear Jehovah,

    I humbly come to you at the throne of your grace as I intercede for my sister Amber. May her mariage be restored by your grace in Jesus name. As you word declares, who this has formed together or no man put asunder. Restore her life my Lord, restore all that has been lost, taken and destoyed in her marriage. May you bring every dead thing to life in Jesus mighty name, Amen.