Prayer Requests

Please pray for Restoration of our Relationship

Please pray that Jeffery and I be reconciled and reunited. That we come together to serve Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as a unit.

I pray that I become the godly woman he needs and wants me to be and that he also becomes the godly man I need and want him to be.

Pray that we forgive all past hurts and forgive each other for any shortcomings or pain caused to each other. That we become faithful and obedient servants of God. May this happen sooner rather than later. In Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. Father God i ask you to please forgive me of my sins. Help me release my anger and hopelessness.. All marriages goes through ups and downs Lord. Please bring my husband Jose back home. He left our marriage after 25 years. He doesn’t want to talk to our 4 kids. Or to me Lord. You are the only one that can touch his cold heart and fill it with love for our kids and me. Father God i believe all things are possible through you. Thank you God in advance…amen amen

  2. Good Day brothers and Sisters please pray for me and my family; for there is no peace between me and my wife or children and things are not going well finamcially and I lost hope I have prayer and fasts with no help from God……please pray for us for God to hear our prayers and help my family and marriage

  3. Good Day my beloved sisters & brothers in Christ. Please pray for restoration in my relationship with charlton. Due to trust issues we become angry and said some things which is hurtful. I forgave him but cannot live without him. We had plans for marriage but then the argue starts because my neighbour was spreading stories about them. He denied it. Said that I must move on but he still loves me and miss me. How can he just give up like that after 1year and 10 months.

  4. Please pray for financial breakthrough and a better job. i am struggling to take care of my wife and four kids. having problems with rentals ,school fees, providing for decent meals and general upkeep of my family.

  5. Please pray for my husband Nick remembers all that we meant to each other and all hard work we went through to have our family succeed and pull through all our struggles, so our family would acquire health, peace, and love.
    Restore my husband’s mind and heart to the love and desire we have always shared originally. I pray we can reconcile and as unit serve god together. Amen

  6. friend Mark and his family. He is suffering from cancer and hasn’t been able to eat or drink for two days. Pray that the Holy Spirit comforts and strengthens Mark and his family

  7. Please prayer for my relationship restoration with Allwyn Anthony. It more than a month he is not talking to me and has blocked me everywhere. We’ve been in a relationship for more than 3 years now and were staying together for last 8 months in rage i asked him to leave and now it’s all messed up. I love him and want to marry him. Please pray urgently for him, we both are away from home working in a different city, I don’t know where he is and with whom is he, please only GOD can reunite us, please pray for me I am in a desperate condition. Please pray to Almighty GOD only he can reconcile us.