Praying for those with physical and mental illnesses

Please agree with me in the name of Jesus for Him to continue to heal me and my family.

Many of us are experiencing physical and mental illnesses, but I believe and know that Jesus bore all our sicknesses, and He wants us well.

As I believe right now, I receive His healing right now. I ask that you stand in prayer agreement with me, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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1 thought on “Praying for those with physical and mental illnesses”

  1. Father God, I ask that you heal my depression, Kems asthma and allergies, Tevin, Rori and Theros eye problems.
    Help Neville to excel in his secondary studies to proceed to tertiary.
    Also help Tevin to be serious with his studies and excel. Even my nieces.
    Help me to move away From the past, and forgive whole heartedly.
    Help my husband to get paid for the work he does.


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