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Praying for my son in prison

My son is now 36 yrs old and has been incarcerated for fifteen and a half (15 1/2) years. He is a father of two beautiful teenage girls, 16 and almost 18 years old. But they have both stopped visiting, talking, caring about him, from about 2 yrs ago. Unfortunately, he is serving a life without the possibility of parole.

He did not commit the crime. Yet, the two other men who did, ended up with much lighter sentences. Also, his brother, my son, was murdered 1 1/2 years ago. I pray for laws to change, that God aligns all those needed to make his freedom possible. Open doors that need to be open and close doors never to open again.

Restore his relationship with his daughters. Keep him safe while we wait for miracles! Open financial opportunities for my daughter and myself that is in line with my Lord’s plan. In Jesus name!


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