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Praying for divine intervention in my marriage

Lord, my wife left me exactly one year ago. I stand here today, and the whole time since she left, taking responsibility for her departure. Apart from being difficult to live with, I have control issues.

I have spent the whole last year seeking help for my issues and I have changed quite a bit. However, as you know, she had tried to make me change my ways for the last 10 yrs, and I have resisted. We have been together for over 24 years.

Father, she has not yet filed for divorce and we spend a lot of time together. Again as you know she has a special someone in her life, which is making it difficult for us to try to work things out. Lord, I pray to you daily to make my life right. Help me be strong in my unrelenting pursuit of bringing my wife back.

Please Lord, wrap your loving arms around us and make us whole again. I do not blame her for leaving me, nor do I blame her for finding another as she was planning and still may be filing for divorce. I forgive her for any wrongs I feel she has made. And I pray she forgives me and gives me a chance to show her how much and how hard I have worked in changing my controlling ways.

I love this woman to the moon and back, Lord. I pray in Jesus name that you do all in your power to rekindle her love for me. Father, I feel like I cannot live without her, that I must at least talk to her daily. You are my Lord and I pray that you bring us back together. Give her guidance in the choices she has made. Please Lord I pray that the other party involved understands he is wrong in pursuing my wife as she is a married woman.

Lord, I pray for my wife, that she sees her sin in pursuing another even as we are married. I have barely wavered in the belief that she will come back to me. You work in your own time and have assisted me in staying strong and courageous throughout all the trials, struggles and issues. I praise you for not allowing me to be afraid or discouraged even though things are not moving at my speed. Your power is greater than that of Satan and all who do his work.

In the name of Jesus, I pray you would bind the work of the devil from this marriage. Cast that influence away. Do whatever it takes to protect and defend this marriage.

I ask for prayers from anyone that reads this prayer request as I will also pray for you. Thank you God for hearing my prayers.

In the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all the Angels in Heaven,


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3 thoughts on “Praying for divine intervention in my marriage”

  1. I am going through a turbulent time in my marriage. My wife of 25 years chased me out of her home in December last year. We have four children . When she chased me I was homeless and a foreigner living in a strange land with no documents I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. But the Lord gave me a job and a home to live. My wife ‘s attitude has not changed. She does not see as her husband and has no respect for me. Rumours are that she has started a relationship with my friend. This hurts. I love my wife. Please help me to pray for our full restoration. My life is in a mess. I have gone into hibernation for fear of being hurt. My life is crumbling before me. I tried committing suicide in December but had no courage. These thoughts keep on hounding me. Please help me to find joy and peace again. I really miss my family.

  2. Brother Denis, it is well with you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is nothing that He cannot do. Look at it this way, maybe God allowed her leaving to give you both that time you need to realize your love for each other and also to strengthen your faith and trust in God and for God to work in you. Remember He is the Potter and we are the clay. He will mold you to be His own perfect handwork that He will show forth to the whole world for His own glory and to draw men to Himself.
    My father and my God in heaven, I thank you for my brother Denis for the bible said that we should give you thanks in all things. I present Denis and his wife before you knowing that with you all things are possible. This is your promise to us in your word, you are not a man that you should lie, what you say is what you do and we do not just believe but rather know that YOU ARE MORE THAN ABLE. Hear Brother Denis’s heartfelt cry to you Oh Lord. See all the efforts that he has made towards becoming a better person and answer his prayers. Thank you Lord for IT IS DONE. To you alone be all the glory and praise in Jesus name we pray in agreement… AMEN!!!!

    1. Thank you ljeoma! I need all the prayers I can get. Each time it appears we are making progress, she pulls away. A lot has changed for the better since I wrote this prayer. I pray daily sometimes multiple times for God to put all the pieces of my life together. I still have issues I need to work on, but, the good Lord has held my hand one step at a time to better me. My wife see’s changes, but, also see’s that I still have control issues and still spend money somewhat unwisely. Patience is not one of my virtues and I know God works in his own time and not mine, but, that doesn’t really make it easier. My patience as far as day to day is substantially better, but, I want what I want as far as my marriage goes and this is hard. Pls continue to pray for us. Pls pray that my wife’s heart changes and she opens up to the idea of reconciliation and to the Lord. Thank you and Amen.

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