Prayers needed and appreciated to bring us together

Prayers needed and appreciated for the bringing together of Mark and myself. There is an overwhelming feeling in my heart and sensation in my body. He has never known love. Therefore he is overwhelmed that someone could love someone with nothing to offer. I feel we were brought together for some reason and I pray that it is revealed to me. I feel he is my life’s purpose. So am I wrong and am I fooling myself into having this strong conviction? Please pray for my answers and guidance.

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Jan Johnson
Jan Johnson
October 2, 2019 11:44 am

Prayers needed for my husband Terry and myself Jan , we’ve been together 40 years we are retired these past 3 years and he left to stay with a friend for a few days to get away from me , this friend and Terry are starting a new business venture and he said he was going to do some training! Please pray for our marriage

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