Prayer ~ For New Year’s Day 2014


EL SHADDAI, in 2014, by Your Mercies and Grace, we shall appeal to all Your Children to present our bodies, as Living Sacrifices, Holy and Acceptable to You, which is our Spiritual Worship to You, bowing before You in Awe of Your Power. For You are Spirit GOD, and True Worshippers must Worship You in Spirit and Truth.

ELOHIM, as the year 2014 proceeds, we shall let the Word of CHRIST richly dwell in us, teaching  and admonishing one another in all Wisdom, singing Psalms and Hymns, and Spiritual songs of Worship, with Thankfulness in our Hearts to You. For it is our Great Commission to diligently Proclaim that which we have heard from You, to all who would or wouldn’t listen, so that they too shall have Fellowship with us, as we Worship the Father, and His son CHRIST JESUS.

ADONAI, we stand on Your Promise that You have Mighty Plans to Prosper us, and never to harm us, that You have Plans to give us Hope and a Future. LORD, however, we acknowledge that we must purge ourselves of all our indiscretions, for these Plans to be fulfilled. So through Worship we shall yield and say YES, to Your Process of Purging, and Pruning of our Personalities, as You Purify our Hearts in Preparation for Your Plans. We say YES! As You use Your chosen people to allow Iron to sharpeneth Iron between us. We say YES! To the cleansing Power of the Precious Blood of JESUS CHRIST, as its Rejects and Removes the Rudiments of unrighteousness from our Characters.

EL ELYON, it is only through our True Worship of You in Spirit and in Truth, and the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit, shall we Find the Fortitude to Forsake all, and Flee From those Fiendish, Frenzied, and Fickle Fetishes, that separate us from You. Father, with this new Found Freedom From Foolishness, we shall walk with You in unFlinching Faith, towards the Path of Righteousness, and Fulfilling our Divine Purposes in 2013, GOD’s Blessings to each and every one of You, in the name of JESUS CHRIST we Pray ….AMEN!!!

“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the True Worshippers shall Worship the Father, in Spirit and in Truth: for the Father seeketh such to Worship Him. GOD is a Spirit: and they that Worship Him, must Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.” ~ John 4: 23-24

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