Prayer to overcome Anguish and attacks of the enemy

Prayer to overcome Anguish and attacks of the enemy

Heavenly Father I come before you, to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I praise and worship you, I am because of you.

I come to you, as I am going through a difficulty in my life, asking for your guidance and your light. Father, I pray that you will lead me that I may follow you and your ways.

Father God, I come as I am, going through a financial burden of debts, heavenly God. This month I’ve been through the most hardships than I ever been. I know that it is the enemy attacking me to try to make me question you.

God, I stand with the Armour of your righteousness, knowing that you are working out everything that I am going through for my good. The burden just feels heavy. At times I feel so down. I pray that you will lift me up, God.

I’ve been through a breakup with my relationship. I’ve received a warning at work for a mistake that was unlike me. Yet, I took it with a heavy heart because my enemies try to triumph over me as I know they have personal vendettas against me.

I come against them at work, Lord that you will expose them for who they are.

Father God, I’ve had to be in the darkness when I get home due to our electricity being cut. Father I’ve had to endure humiliation, anguish and pain. Ive had people rejecting me and I’ve realized that this all happens because the enemy wants to trouble me because I stand in faith and know that you are God. My debt has taken over my life due to me being a working alone mom that needs to provide God. I feel weak at times and I sometimes want to give up, but God I know you are here.

Father God I pray for a new job that will bring me happiness and joy with increase. I pray that my relationship with my loved one will be full of love again and that you will lead us in our lives. Father God, I pray that you will bestow everlasting joy and keep the enemy from attacking me.

I pray that my debt is no more and I manifest and declare this in the name of Jesus.

I love you Lord, I pray that you will see Mercy upon my life and bestow me with your unending Grace. Amen.

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