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Prayer to Heal My Relationships and my success in school

Father God, I need you at this very moment. I’m overwhelmed with school. I’m so afraid of not finishing what I started. Please Lord, guide me in the way I should go. Bless me with the ability to retain what I learn in class, and not to fear quizzes, nor tests. Be with me Lord, as I’m on a journey I didn’t see coming, but you did, and now I’m here.

Also Lord, my family and I are not in a good place. Lord, there’s so much division amongst us, and we’re all so distant. Father, since our mother’s death, none of us have been the same. We have lost so much. We need you Lord to bridge these gaps between us with healing from our losses, and help us to know that through you all things are possible.

I love you so much, Father God. Heal my dad from his brokenness and drug abuse. May we come together again as father and son. Whatever it is he’s missing, reveal to him.

Also Lord, If It’s for me to quit my binge drinking, remove the taste out of my mouth. Lastly Father In Heaven, I ask that you strengthen my marriage. Bring us closer together like never before. Allow us to be our own individual selves, but come together in our union.

Oh how I pray for this breakthrough Lord. Please Abba Father, hear my cries. Step in Lord and lead us, for we are all so broken, and need your help. I ask you this in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So be it Amen.

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