Prayer requests for Assisting Special Needs Individuals

Prayer requests for Assisting Special Needs Individuals

I have a vision that I feel is from the Lord. I am working to create safe housing for individuals with disabilities. Many fall through the cracks of the system. Too independent to need 100% care but not dependent enough to manage on their own. The families don’t know what to do with them and they have enough wherewithal to them that they have their own desires and goals. I desire to create “safe” housing situations for them.

I ask for people to come along side me to bring this vision to light. Stand in agreement that the right properties, contractors, funds and contacts be placed before me. Provision be ample so that we WILL meet the needs of this population. Bring along side me other families who would benefit from this and partner with me to see others saved from a life of homelessness or prison due to lack of support and housing.

Creating housing where 3 higher functioning individuals live together who can compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. Where through holding each other accountable and assisting each other in a monitored environment they reach ultimate independence and are protected through families like mine from predators who would otherwise rob, steal and take advantage of them.

Praying for BOLD revelation, guidance, provision and direction.

First house is complete. Pray for the right family and a quick sale so that we might find our next home and families to serve.

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