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Prayer request to heal after a breakup


Help me to get through the sadness and brokenness I am feeling right now. The feeling of despair and utter loneliness is crippling. I miss my partner terrible. I have so much shame and regret about the things I said in a moment of weakness.

I pray for words I can say that will reach into her heart and soul but she has blocked all avenues of communication. Now I ask God and Jesus to intercede to bridge that divide that separates us. I pray for a miracle because I feel that only a miracle will bring us back together.

The greatest lessons learnt are those when the damage done is irreparable. I pray for mercy and forgiveness. I am at a loss.

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  1. Surrender, obedience, patience’s. Heavenly Father the struggles are so many and the faithful pray. Dear Lord incline your ear Help us who call upon Your Holy Name. you’ve given us the promise. The promise to heal and joy. We call upon You because we trust in You. Rescue us in Jesus Name