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Prayer request – to find true love

Hello, Good Morning Everyone. I have been going through a lot of trouble in life. I have been in love with someone for 16 years. Suddenly, in mid-2015 we separated. I’ve been praying to find true love and start the next chapter in my life. I also have faith in the Lord’s plan for me. Please pray for me. Thank you so much!

May God Bless You All So Much, Always & Forever!

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  1. I pray You burry your heart so deep in the pursuit of the Father that you no longer even think about a soulmate because God and God alone completes you. I pray you run as fast as You can to the father and one day you will look up to see your perfect helpmate running right along beside you. It will be revealed to you in Gods time when you will be whole again. You will then want someone but not need them because you will know the only one you need is Father and they too will be whole again when He reveals them to you.
    Be blessed and be expectant for the amazing blessings God has for you for your pursuit of who He has for you.