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Prayer request for my family facing conflicts


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, may I thank all of you for being such a great support for so many people. Thanks a lot.

Please pray for my family which is facing some recurring conflicts, my parents. My sister is sometimes fearful, she doesn’t work as she doesn’t know what to do. Please pray for my brother, that he may grow in the Lord.

Please pray also for my family to make Jesus the center of our lives and for us to grow in the Holy Spirit of God. We really need your prayers. May God bless you all very very much. I thank you all. I also thank God for you all my cherished brothers and sisters. May Jesus Christ be with you always. Amen.

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  1. I need a powerful and empowering prayer for the relationship between my daughter and me. She hates and disowns me for being in addiction most of her life. I have always been involved in her life and lost custody of her and her brother well we had joint custody with sole custody to her father. Up until 6 months ago she recently has told me that she is over having a relationship with me that I am not good for her mental health. We recently found out that she is pregnant due in October 2022. My heart is so damaged by the recent actions she has taken. She has blocked me from anyway to contact her and it breaks my heart as I want to be there for her and the journey with my 1st grandchild. Please lord heal my heart and hear my troubles and bless me with a prayer that I can share with her to maybe change her mind and give me some lenancy to be a better grandma than I was a mother. I’m in so much pain and I don’t know how to respect her boundaries to stay out of her life and let her go on without me in her life. I love her too much to be content with that being the result. Please lord see the tears and feel that my heartache and the rejection I feel and not being good enough as I am a broken vessel to be loved and wanted and excepted by 🌿. Thank you you I love put my life love and trust in you oh and lord.

  2. I need prayer for restoration and reconciliation in my marriage.
    I pray that God will change my husband’s heart about divorce. Heavenly father please bring my husband back home to our marriage and children.
    I pray that God will help my husband realize he need treatment for his health issue(ptsd) , let him commit to recieving proper treatment. May God restore balance to my husband’s brain, mind and soul. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray . AMEN

  3. Please pray for my son who has Tourette’s he is very lonely. please pray he overcome this disease and meets the right girl and lives a happy and healthy life thank you lord amen.