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Prayer request For My Best friend to overcome abuse

I’m asking for prayer for my best friend Sammy. She is a very special person to me and is currently dealing  with a very possessive and abusive husband. She lives in Pakistan where the woman have no rights. Because of how dominant he is, our friendship has always been kept secret. He controls who comes in or out of her life.

She has even attempted taking her own life. She is so miserable and fears for her safety and the safety of her siblings who she loves, and takes care of, like they are her own children. Not only does he threaten her life, but he threatens theirs as well.

I am terrified for my friend’s life. Her husband has found out about our friendship and is not very happy. My only way of communication with her is through video chat, phone calls and text messages. But now he has her phone. I have no way of knowing if my dear friend is safe.

So I come to you all for prayer for my best friend. That God our father would help me find a way to get her away from her husband. And from the family who treats her just as badly as her husband does. I’ve been trying to help my dear friend get to the United States by getting her asylum because her life is at risk.

But it can’t be done unless she is on American soil. She needs help badly. And the best help I can provide her is through my faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. So with that being said, I ask that you all please help my prayers grow. I pray that we form a prayer chain to help her be free from the fear and abuse of her husband forever. In Jesus name, Amen.

Elizabeth A.

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