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Prayer request for divorce recovery and reconciliation with my child

I’ve been going through a divorce for almost 4 years and represent myself Pro Se while the soon-to-be-ex has been represented by an attorney the entire time. He and his attorney have done nothing to end this divorce. Instead, they have run me through the court system with deception of the truth regarding monies. I had it all. He came in with nothing but debt.

Now, I’m left homeless and at the mercy of people and he’s living the life. He’s used my best friend/my daughter as a pawn in a viscous game. I’m the 2nd wife. I need resolve in this, once and for all. I need Peace. And I need reconciliation with my only child.

I wish no evil but I am spent emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.  Above all, I pray to God to intervene and do above and beyond all I could imagine in Jesus’ name. Amen

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