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Prayer request for approval to move into house

Good morning! My name is Sheena. I am asking for prayer to move into this new house for me and my son. It will be my first house. It’s small, a starter house. I have lived in apartments and town homes. It was always too much commotion. Someone broke into my home,  so I’m always uneasy.

I felt like God brought me to this house. It’s close to my job and my son’s school. Where I stay now, my son had to live with my parents because there was no bus to get him to school. This way he gets to be home with me and go to school from home.  I have given the landlord the security deposit. But when I called him two days later for him to fill out paper work, he tells me he wants to sell the house and he wanted to give my money back. I prayed the whole time talking to him and told him to give it more thought. My old landlord had already signed the 30 day notice to move out by September 1st.

He said someone told him his house was the cheapest in the city, and just like that the devil trying to throw him for a loop. So he was saying he wanted to seek more money. It’s sad because he made me feel like it was a sure thing. I fell in love, I pictured me and my son in there. It is also close to my parents. I pray the Lord open up this man’s mind and to see how serious I am and have mercy on me and my son. I just want a safe comfortable place for me and my son. Please Lord, clear his mind of confusion, please and let him take a chance with me. Thank you and amen!

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  1. st joseph pray for us to sell my house a good buyer came for exchange with a good land suitable for us but some problems are there and he changed his mind pray for to change the mind of buyer to buy this house

  2. Hi. my name is Patricia and I am going through the same thing. But I tried to get a home for a long time. I have got a pre-approval. And the I wanted had problems. But I ready to go through with the purchase. And I ended up losing the house now I have to start all over again. Please help me with pray and hope I will pray for us both God bless you and stay strong. God always come through.