Prayer Requests

Prayer request for a Full Marriage Restoration

On the 22nd of July, it will be two years that our divorce has been pronounced. But I keep praying that somehow, some way, God Almighty will intervene in her life.

That He will give a new Godly marriage for her, for me and for our three years old daughter. I keep praying that God Almighty heal her heart. That she becomes a follower of Jesus Christ.

I pray to God that He give me clarity to see His will for me in the middle of this desire to fully restore my marriage and my family.

I want to pursuit His will first and not make this desire to restore my marriage an idol. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I rebuke any spirit of confusion out her mind and my mind.

I call upon the Holly Spirit to come and to guide her and me during this time. Holy Spirit, be with her and turn her mind and her hear toward you.

Thank you, God Almighty for listening and answering my prayer. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Please help me pray for my marriage to be restored, for God to fix our relationship. I love my husband very much. We separated January 2019. Ever since I don’t have peace. I dream of him and I miss him but I trust God that he will restore our marriage. Hebrews 10v23

  2. I am praying for my sisters marriage, Only you Lord sees all. Take care of her marriage in Jesus name Amen and let your will be done. Amen

  3. Please pray for my marriage to be restored and that I’m able to move back home with my wife, so we can work through this.

    1. I love my wife naomi ask u in the name of Jesus pray she no longer sins adultery I pray she no longer drinks leaves my 4 kids side i love her i miss my wife i pray to you Jesus to put someone in her path or something to make her stop she curses me when i only am good to her Jesus I love my wife i miss her return our marriage make things right in your heavenly name Jesus amen

  4. Please pray for God’s divine intervention in my marriage.
    Says the Lord, if you diligently hear my voice, obey my command, and keep my statutes, I will none of the diseases on which I put on the Egyptians; for I am the Lord who heals you. Divorce is an oppression of the devil, and God said I will restore your marriage, heal your hearts, and give you the perfect peace.

  5. Father God I pray in Jesus name that u bless me with a faithful husband someone who’s gonna be there for me till death do us apart I pray that he’s a Christian man someone that knows u before me someone who will love me dearly n my son I pray that I get married someday to a wonderful man someone that deserves me someone that respect woman someone who know what a real woman is plz don’t let me marry a player a liar n a cheater I pray all my dreams come true in Jesus name Amen