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Prayer for my son in jail please help me to pray for his release thanks

Please help me to pray for my son in jail. He is 28 with the brain energy of  a 10 year old. He needs to be in a special place not jail. Please pray with me for his health and freedom. He don’t need to be in fear. Please Lord, help him to face this difficult time and help me to stay strong for him. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer for my son in jail please help me to pray for his release thanks”

  1. I asking for a prayer request for my daughter Paris. She’s mental retarded and someone give her gun’s to keep at her house for 200 dollars. Please Lord allow the judge to let her out of the jail. I thank u in advance in Jesus name we pray amen.

  2. I’m in the same situation. A child with mental illness should be given proper help. Jail is not the answer. Its a shame that even if you pay taxes, if you’re in the ” “poor” clad, ie unable to afford bail money, you’re locked up until your case is heard. Yes I will also pray for your child as I know you will mine. But this I know for sure: God can do all things.keep your faith and hope alive.

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