Prayer Requests

Prayer request For deliverance

I need some prayers in the following areas:

  • 1. Spiritual growth
  • 2. Prayer life
  • 3. Studies
  • 4. Debts

I am not even at the stage where I was as a Christian. I don’t read my Bible and hence, my prayer life is also very down. Please help.

I always experience strange, weird dreams. With regard to my studies, I don’t study enough, even though I have to write CPA exams next week. I am not even comfortable with it. We are in debt, while my husband doesn’t work or even try to find a job.

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  1. Praying for deliverance from, oppression, fear and anxiety. Also believing for God’s favor, healing and restoration for me and my family.

  2. Please help me in your prayer’s as i am awaiting for my exams results…That God will grant me his favour and get me admission this time… I have been at home for four years.

  3. Praying for healing for my family. Praying for son police officer. Mj. To. Keep safe Praying my other son to. Favor in court on 24 of this month Marco Daughter her fight with MSU. To win Get. Her money Praying baby daughter to stop vaporing to stop smoking to do good in high school help with her drinking Alcohol she. Think. I don’t. Know I think it coming from Parker I don’t know what to do about there relationship. But I. Don’t want to lose my baby. I’m praying for healing to save our family. All other things I can’t say amen

  4. Please help me to pray for Judith: deliverance and that she be released from prostitution. May the Lord wants us together again and restore our relationship. Thanks and blessings.

  5. Please pray for me to the lord so that he may deliver me and bring me back in his presence.

  6. Please pray for my friend. I believe he is addicted to drugs and alcohol and along with it toxic relationships and attitudes. Im pretty sure he takes steroids and has for years and they make him really angry and it is difficult to maintain a friendship with him, even though I care about him. I think partly it is medication for him, but I think he is so addicted he really doesn’t realise that they are ruining his life and making life for people close to him extremely difficult. Please pray that he decides to go to some sort of rehab and finally sort it out and realise they are not serving him at all. Please pray that God would somehow set him free from them finally.

  7. Hi,
    My 23yr old daughter been so rebellious towards God n is so confused n lost in life.
    She cannot concentrate in her studies nor in anything n nothing going right in her life but only interested in watching horror stuff….
    Please, I humbly request for your prayer.