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Please pray for me to overcome depression

Hi, I would like someone to pray for me. It all started last year when I was experiencing depression. I was at work and all of the sudden I felt totally blank. I couldn’t remember what I was doing. So I spoke to my boss and told him that I was not feeling well. My mind was empty. I couldn’t even remembered the way home.

So I decided to parked at the Shopping Mall. I was in the car for over two hours thinking of what was happening to me. I was crying and feeling empty. When I called my wife, she started worrying. She asked me about my whereabouts.

So the next day I decided to resign at work and the following day, when my wife left for work, I was left alone at home. I was crying and asking why this was happening to me. Suddenly it came to my mind that I had to finish my life. I was already planning what to do to end my life. So, I went to the garden shed and picked up the weeds killer. I was holding it and crying, asking God why this was happening to me.

Thinking of my family, I cried out to God to please give me strength. So I decided not to carry on with my plan. My wife told me to see a doctor and she prescribed medicine for depression. I have already stopped taking this medication because I feel it getting worse every time I take the medicine. Even up to now, I’m not 100% good . I’m still jobless and still feel empty. There where times that I didn’t believe in God anymore.

I need work because our bank account is getting empty. So please pray for me to get the strength so I can go back to work. I want to save my family before it’s to late. I always prayed to God to help me but there are times that I didn’t believe there is a God. Please, I need prayers that God would give me a new life. Thanks.

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