My partner is broken

Dear Father, I just ask with all my heart for my partner’s life to be lifted up. First of all, he has been in a financial battle from his ex-wife for 4 years. as a resultĀ  of this he is bankrupt. Also, he has nad a nervous breakdown, leading to a family rift and has left him feeling isolated and lost.

I pray for resolve, peace and your love to surround him and within him. He had a terrible childhood, his father never connected with him. He needs to know you Jesus, deep in his soul and life.

thank you .

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Wilda volmar
Wilda volmar
April 6, 2019 3:32 pm

Please lord I pray that you clear my mind and overcome my soul and give the intelligence I need to pass my board. I need you God to help me please I’m begging you lord, I’m so desperate and don’t know what else to do but seek for your mercy.

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