Monster Energy Refutes Viral Video Accusing Company of Satanic Imagery


The Monster Energy drink company is denying claims that it uses satanic imagery on its cans. This is despite accusations featured in a YouTube video that went viral earlier this month.

The YouTube clip titled “Monster Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!!” features writer Christine Weick and has garnered close to 7 million views. The video makes the claim that the M used on the can represents the number 666 in Hebrew.

“There’s a gap right here in the letter M, it’s never connected,” said Weick, explaining what she believes is the true meaning behind the M artwork. “So you go into Hebrew (writing). The letter vav is also the number six. Short top long tail.”

She then shows how the M on the can is comprised of three separate lines or vavs with a “short top” and “long tail” that would spell out 666 when viewed side by side.

Janel explained that Weick’s claims made in the viral video are false.

“I could just tell you that it’s not true,” Janet, a Monster Energy drink representative with the consumer relations department (who declined to give her last name), told The Christian Post. “The M claw represents [the letter] M scratched on the can and doesn’t represent anything else.”

Janet also briefly discussed the meaning behind the company’s branding for the can, specifically the “unleash the beast” slogan found on it that Weick says is related to the beast in the book of Revelation.

“It’s just a saying,” Janet asserted. “And anybody could represent it the way that they want to.”

Weick further claims that the BFC found on the front of the can stands for “big [expletive] can.”

Janet told CP, however, that it actually stands for “big fat can.”

She explained that anything found on the can “is open to interpretation,” and that Weick’s claims made in the viral video are false.

Why it is all a hoax

Christianstt’s blogger Brook Potter used the following infogram to explain why he says it’s all a hoax.

Brook goes on to explain:
This Monster Drink thing is complete garbage. To try and translate a Logo into Hebrew, when the Company and everything about its’ content are in English, is a language fallacy.

That would be similar to someone taking the Trinidad and Tobago Bakery company, called “Kiss Bakery” and taking the English word, “Kiss,”. Then, applying the Swedish meaning of the word “Kiss”, which means “piss” and thus concluding that this Company is selling urine!

In the same way, taking the English Letter “M” for Monster, and breaking it into three Hebrew letters, is equally as fallacious.

What about 666 in the book of Revelation?

And, if that wasn’t enough… Revelation 13:17-18 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (verse 18) Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man. And his number is six hundred threescore and six.

Firstly, the number is Six Hundred and Sixty-Six, NOT three individual sixes. It should be noted that earlier Greek Manuscripts have the number as Six Hundred and Sixteen, not a six, a one, and a six.

How is any man supposed to buy or sell with Monster Energy Drinks? If the Monster Energy Drink is the “number of the Beast,” what then is the Mark of the beast, or the Name of the Beast, which are the other two things that people can use to Buy or Sell with according to verse 17?

How do three individual sixes, translate to a number of a Man/name, as described in verse 18?

Lastly, why did John tell his First Century audience, in verse 18, that they could understand the number of beast, if it refers to an energy drink 2000 years later that didn’t exist in the time when he wrote the letter?

Weick also made headlines Friday when she interrupted an invitation-only Islamic prayer service held at the Washington National Cathedral.

She created a commotion during the service when she proclaimed the name of Jesus and told worshippers inside to stay away from American churches.

The service, held inside an Episcopal church, was meant to promote interfaith prayer and improve global relations between Muslims and Christians, according to its organizers.

Weick decided to attend the event in order to voice her opinion on how the freedom of religion plays out in America.

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  1. You people are obviously lost sheep. The founders of monster have occult history. Wake up morons! It is a six. Not a 7. And yes, it is the Hebrew 666 just as they intended it to be. But your blind to truth and shall die in your sins. Good luck

  2. when i first saw the drink i didnt like it because of the name….why monster. In Africa where i come from its not about sounding demonic if you say you are a monster will treat you like one FULLSTOP/

  3. As a Christian, I apologize for these people’s folly. To accuse a soft drink company of promoting the work of the devil when clearly no such intention was made, is a reproach to all Christians for the sake of a few silly ones. Please do not think all Christians feel this way. This is an embarrassment.

      1. when i first saw the drink i didnt like it because of the name….why monster. In Africa where i come from its not about sounding demonic if you say you are a monster will treat you like one FULLSTOP/

    1. see i hate when people do this, you are most definitely spiritually dead! The government and masons and the knight templers (which are apart of the masons) rule the world. And do you know who they worship? BAPHOMET! Do you know who baphomet is? SATAN! (plus baphomet is a goat with breast). And in the bible it clearly states you can not sell or trade without the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is 666. If you are stupid enough to believe that a monsters drink is probably a holy drink or the company is innocent well then buddy you are all around deceived and on top of all that everything has the mark of the beast! The google chrome sign says 666 the coca cola sign mirrored says no Muhammad, no Mecca in Arabic so that being said ill just pray for you but you should read Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees the bible references and quotes them and the bible is holy spirit inspired. GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m glad to see Monster Energy speaking up about this, and exposing this lady’s fear-mongering. Brook Potter also brought up some good points in his blog, especially concerning the remark in Revelation 13:18 that John’s first century AD readers could understand the number of the beast. Here’s an article giving 10 pieces of evidence that Biblical prophecies about the beast were fulfilled by Nero and first century Rome:


    1. idiot of course they arent going to spill the beans they don’t want you knowing that its poison you drink and that it is in fact 666 I know because vav vav vav means nein aka Virgo aka the harvest now go look at virgos zodiac symbol fool