Meeting Jesus Christ on the Streets!

Meeting Jesus Christ on the Streets!

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It is a funny thing when God reveals to you that He knows exactly what you are thinking and experiencing.

Today, the Montreal staff started to speak to me in French and expected me to reply in French only. Remember, I’m a native English speaker with limited knowledge of French and Spanish. So it was like a game of charades all day.

This evening, I am in the office late and the cleaning staff started speaking to me in Spanish. My brain really felt scrambled between the two languages. I went to the hotel to drop off my bags and decided to head out again for my customary one-hour walk.

This time, I mumbled to myself that at this rate, with such a strange day of not speaking English, I might just see Jesus Christ on the street.

Three blocks away, I see Jesus Christ, in English! This young man, normal-looking, standing by a church, holding up an English sign that says “Jesus Christ – Perfection”. I gave up, prayed and approach him.

Another man was standing next to him and he started to speak to me in fluent Spanish. I am just able to follow somehow what he was saying: “Jesus Christ changed the young man’s life and he wants the world to know.”

I replied that I understood and I smiled and continued on with God.

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  1. Alfonso Escobedo
    February 19, 2017
  2. Sharon Little
    January 11, 2015

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