Living Victorious – Anxiety The Silent Killer


All around the world women are contending with many issues that are leading to malignant health risk. Anxiety, being the silent killer, holds many captive because it piles loads of stress on the body. The meaning of anxiety is tension, worry. Here are other words that are used for the word anxiety: nervousness, worry, concern, unease, apprehension, disquiet, fretfulness, angst, and FEAR. These words are all mentioned due to reasoning. As women, we sometimes don’t want to deal with the hard facts, we push things under the rug by using a lesser word which is associated with the same meaning of a word. Like, ” O that is not a head-ache, I am just having some slight pressure.” It is wise to know exactly what the root of the problem is, so that at the root of a problem the ax can be laid and, by the word of God, it can destroyed. ( Matthew 3:10 )

Matthew 3:10…Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

Worry is not meant for the human body to carry. It is like a weight holding a person down. In our imagination, let us visualize a gym any one of you choose, Curves, Lucille Roberts, or Goldy’s gym the sky is the limit; anyone of your choice. As you are going through and observing the gym, I would like you to focus on the weight room and target the arm curl machine. This machine is used to build muscle in the biceps and triceps which are muscles in the upper part of the arm, muscles located in the front and back. The machine has weights that are set at levels that one can humanly build muscle strength at the advantage of what a person is able to tolerate. Second look, lets say that the person with all the thoughts and the concerns is now on the machine to begin a repetitive workout. The machine has the weights and let us say that the weights are representing the cares and concerns. The more the concerns of the person using the arm curl machine the more piles of weights are being piled onto the machine until eventually the person lifting the weights is not able to lift because the weights have piled up so high and heavy that it is totally unbearable to the lifter. This is the same case with anxiety. The Lord says cast all your cares ( anxiety ) on Him because He cares for you. ( 1 Peter 5:7 ) It is not healthy to try and carry the load all alone.

1 Peter 5:7… Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Anxiety is a real emotion when felt, the hard facts are, it is a thought process; a method in how a person thinks leading into some form of action or reaction. The weights are cares, burdens, sin and are all systems of thinking patterns. Whatever a person think in his heart so is that person. ( Proverbs 23:7 ) For example, If one thinks in their heart that they will never amount to anything then it is more than likely that this person has defeated their success in this area of life and will not amount to anything as a result of what they have hid in their heart and therefore now deems to be true. Why? What happens is the body is reacting negatively to an overload of weights being piled on it by what they are allowing themselves to think about concerning their contentions. Now these concerns are compiled by the enemy to divert a person from trusting in God and focusing on the situations in front of them rather than applying the hope of the word which brings deliverance, peace and freedom. The only yoke and burden we are to care is the burden of Christ Jesus. (Matthew 11:30 )

Matthew 11:30….For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”.

The enemy knows we can’t humanly handle this kind of excessive load which is why trying to handle it is creating such an effect on the body. It is producing a malignant outcome which in most cases leads to life failures instead of triumph, premature deaths instead of long preserved lives. Anxiety that is going unchallenged turns into stress, stress then turns into depression, then, in some cases, deep depression which leads to premature deaths and heart attaches, and in the minor view medications which lead to dependency. My purpose is to extort and encourage us women around the world that Jesus Christ bore every situation that one can face in life, He admonishes us to, “take heart I have overcome the world so be st peace!” ( John 16:33 )

John 16:33….I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

How do I keep myself from anxiety? Keeping your helmet of salvation on and the armor of God staying in faith; don’t doubt God, praying continually always , applying the word, meaning speaking it, not just thinking it. Meditate on the word, allowing it to be our delight, by this we are applying the word to the problem which is laying the ax at the root. Women of God, be blessed and know the Lord cares about us all and wants us to lay all our concerns at the foot of His alter. Trust God and you will experience peace and freedom. Blessings to you all.





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