A Little Testimony Of Mine – What Amazing Grace!

A Little Testimony Of Mine – What Amazing Grace!

What Amazing Grace!

Today I want to emphasize on God’s blessings. Everyone, in some sort of way, has experienced God’s blessings and today I want to share a testimony really of his goodness and his favor.

When on vacation recently, there were three things that really struck out to me.

  1. I have laid out a blue print for my life. So did God. But God has shown me that He can move things up for me. He has proven that whilst my blue print has flaws, His is perfect.
  2. Even when you think you have no resources, He has proven to be Jehovah Jireh- My Provider.
  3. His Amazing Grace.
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I honestly did not see myself travelling any time soon, considering that I am still in school. I had planned for the time being to get myself a job first, so that I can have the money to travel.

But here, God has taken that plan and moved it up in my life. For what reason I am unsure of, but it happened. He has blessed me, without me asking for this opportunity to visit Ireland and London.

Don’t Sell God Short of His Miracles

I have seen God really show his skills off, I won’t lie. And it dawned on me that we really do sell God Short of His Miracles. We sometimes refuse to see his mighty hand working.

Even in the smallest of ways, His grace is large. He provides a way for us. He supplies all our needs. God sees us through the hard times in life, and rejoices with us in the good times.

While in Ireland, I learnt a lot. Especially about the song Amazing Grace – By John Newton. I was able to visit Amazing Grace County, and see the shores in which he got shipwrecked when he decided to give himself to God: – Lough Swilly Bay.

It was a personal experience that I can not even describe. But this now world-wide famous song is an autobiography of John Newton’s life that I hold so close to my heart. I now sing/listen to the song and there’s a whole new meaning to the words. It’s not just a hymn anymore.

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Time To Give Him A Try!

This has taught me how truly amazing God’s grace is. Lets give Him a try today. “I was blind, but now I see” There’s so much at stake if you don’t believe in God. God is my hope, my light and my salvation.

At times we falter, at times we fail, but His amazing grace is made perfect in our weaknesses. He has truly blessed me, and He still continues to favor me and I give God all the Glory and Honor for that.

I hope you have been blessed! Be encouraged! Be Inspired!

A little testimony of God's Grace

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  1. God has given me not grace but SPECIAL GRACE. I did not know why every single thing I ever wanted did. Then with all his special grace, I sinned and sinned more. Now He brought my consciousness to him where I was shown my sins and told why a little sin is so very bad. Im vety sick dying and the last he told me was as I was given Soecial Grace and sinned with it, I shell also be judged especially bad. He told me I was gonna die in Jail.. Dont take his grace as luck. Take it with love and return it back to him 2 times as much with love to others.!!!

  2. Trish a thank you. It’s really been an awful journey for me but I have held on to His name. Thank you for that hymn Amazing Grace. I will read it again it reminded me of a time God did an amazing thing for someone very important to me.

    1. Trisha Mannie

      You are most welcome Adeola. I am glad that this testimony has encouraged you in someway. And I urge you to keep trusting in Him. Keep your eyes fixated on the Lord. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ever ask or think. See God’s promise come to pass in your life!


    Amen!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for this post and we truly do need to stop selling God short and acknowledge that His grace, love and faithfulness abounds to infinity and that He truly desires for us to have a long and fruitful life.

    1. Amen, yes He is an amazing Father. So full of love and mercy and his promises are forever truthful. I see his blessings everyday. There is not one day even in the small things how he blesses us and favors us. How the Rauch ha”kadosh / Holy Spirit guides our steps everyday also. I personally wouldn’t know where I would be today without Yahweh. Thank u Yahweh for all your blessings.

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