Journey to the Holy Land – Day 1

What a day! We are so happy to be here in the Holy Land and so blessed! Life feels as if it’s come full circle on this cruise. All of the teachings of what Jesus wants us to enjoy and feel – the incredible joy, happiness, being a blessing to others, His love that He taught us and His abundance have all come together on this trip.

Getting ready to depart from the hotel and getting caught up in the bustle and excitement was a great feeling. When we boarded the bus and we were leaving Rome, I sat there and had a quiet moment to myself.

The tears flow

I allowed myself to get teary-eyed when I thought of just how incredibly GREAT God and Jesus are. Look at how one man, born into extreme poverty to the point that his mother had no choice but to put him up for adoption for a while until she could make enough money to support him and his brother again. Look at how God used him to change the lives of millions of people around the world. I am talking about Dr. Wayne Dyer who organized this cruise.

I sat in the bus and on the ship and marveled at where all of these people came from, to enjoy this cruise to the Holy Land with him. ENDLESS from the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Ghana, different parts of Europe etc.

Activating the Power of Intention

Dr. Dyer taught me how to activate the power of intention to get what I want out of life and knowing it is my purpose to receive it. He also taught from the Bible and set the example on how to be a great giver in all things and how to do so humbly, and live a life of gratitude.

He believed when Jesus said that we can have great things that it was true. And that is how I prayed for this cruise after I read that…and here I am, with mom.

Spirit of Gratitude

We gasped with more excitement when we saw the ships in the port, because ours was by far the largest ship and it turned out to be the cruise company’s biggest and best ship. There are 15 stories in this vessel. We are on the 7th.

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I could jump up and down and hug Jesus and kiss God. My Spirit is in overflow with His love and a heart full of gratitude.

We saw Imaculee today. She wrote the incredibly must-read: Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust. This is also her first cruise. She was in tears as she spoke about Dr. Dyer in her life. She is so beautiful in person. The beauty from within her flows and shows outwardly in such a humble and peaceful way, that it is refreshing to the soul.

I am taking lots of pictures. The first is one of me teaching mommy how to take a selfie! I am teaching her how to use an android phone. The second was the view of the port when we arrived.

A view of the harbor from the deck of our ship

A view of the harbor from the deck of our ship

I better end now… It is late and our tour tomorrow departs at 7:15 am to Naples: the Amalfi coast and Pompeii.

Do not doubt the incredible love that God has for you. All He wants to do is bless you, especially when you are obedient to Him.

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  1. What a glorious journal entry , if I may call it that. Uplifting and soul fulfilling in many ways. Love comes forth in this narrative , love for God, love for family and love for the spiritual mentors. You are very blessed and the delight in your joy shines through. Keep telling your stories about your journey.