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I’m really struggling with everything in my life

Good morning everyone. I feel as if my life is falling apart due to a injury at work.  I’m really struggling with everything in my life right now.

Please pray for me and my sister Jessica and her 3 kids that don’t understand respect and honesty,etc… One is an 18 year old special needs who has a brain of a 8 year old and that’s all he will ever have.

The other 2 are teen girls 15 and 13. They all lie so much. If they tell me it’s raining, I have to go look. God Bless.

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7 thoughts on “I’m really struggling with everything in my life”

  1. Please pray for the love of my life Corey. He has another surgery in the morning and is in critical care. Please pray our relationship is healed and we are back in each other’s arms

  2. Marie vonne Auguste

    Lord help me to save my son Julius from the bad influence from his friends. His behaviour is not good at all at school. He didn’t want to listen when I talk to him. He’s against everyone at school. I feel so depressed to see a bright student behave like that. Amen

    1. May God bless you for praying for me..

      Pray for me That God make me a MIRACULOUS wonder over my enemies.
      Pray for God’s Uplifement and Divine Speed over my life.
      Pray for God to Glorify Himself over my life.
      Pray for God to give me a Discerning heart to know good and bad.
      Thank God for Answering my prayers Amen.
      My Regards.

  3. Marie vonne Auguste

    Good morning thanks for your prayers. But at times I’m thinking that my life is falling apart when my son is still giving me lots of hard times at school. Help me Lord. Amen

  4. Dear Jehovah,

    I thank you for allowing us to come across our sister in Christ Dana. I would like to thank you for her life and for the life of her family. I pray that all her needs is answered through her continuous act of faith and perseverance. May she and her family continue to recognise that doing exactly what Matthew 6:33 tells us to do by seeking first your Kingdom, you shall supply her and her family’s need.

    I declare that the works of satan on her sisters children be undone and returned back to him void. Every demonic spirit influencing those children to be disobedient to their parents, family and your decrees my Lord and God, may these demons be casted out to the lake of fire in Jesus mighty name.

    I give you all the thanks, and glory for what you continue to do for her life and I pray that there’ll be a turn around in her and her family’s situation in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  5. Yvonne Marie Miller English Lady in USA ?????

    Dear Lord God,
    I praise you and thank you for all of your abundant love and forgiveness. You are never-changing Father in a world full of flow and movement and I give thanks that You are faithful to your children and always there.
    Father please lift up Dana and Jessica,because the stormy waters of life threatenen to cover their heads. Please let them feel Your peace. Please take control of the circumstances concerning their children. Give them direction Father and protect them from those who seek to have a negative effect on their lives. Protect them all from every spiritual attack that is sent to discourage and make them fear. Please lift them up to the rock that is higher than the storm. Please carry Dana and Jessica because they fall.
    I ask this in the name of my blessed Christ Jesus.

    Yvonne Marie Miller
    English Sister of Christ
    In the USA.

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