I need a healing prayer

Hi, I’m Lekecia. I’m 31,  a single mother of three (3) girls. I know I have made it this far along. But I still prayers to God to ask him to give me the strength I need to keep moving forward with my daughters.

I also would like a prayer over my kids as well, especially my two oldest. They have autism and speech delay. Also they both have seizures.

I need a prayer for God to remove their sickness. I want you all to pray over my mother as well, Angela. That every chain will be broken. Pray for my brother Cornell. Pray for healing and a blessings.  He is worrying and stressing.

Last but not least, a prayer for my best friend Jolisa. She is a single mother of two kids. She needs a prayer for worrying and stressing. Before I go, one more prayer for me. I really need a good prayer to help me understand God more and to be closer to him. And I need a protection prayer for when things try to bring me down, Amen!

  • Anthony Fernandes says:

    Lord Jesus I humbly ask favour for blessings my wife to heal wound on her left leg and cure from vericose. Also bless my daughter and me too in good health and also bless us with financial is low to buy house of our own. Thank you Lord Amen.