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I need a breakthrough in every area of my life

Hello I need prayers for everything. First, I ask that you agree in faith for my family. For my husband to be saved and my two children that have Autism to be healed. One of my children is very temperament and it takes a lot out of us daily. He cries a lot and he gets into a lot and breaks things, seemingly like purposely.

Also, I have been under heavy financial stress since last year. All type of things have been happening to me, back to back. My husband’s cousin did a declaration over my life, that everything that I touch will turn to mud and ashes. I don’t receive stuff like this and I have been praying, rebuking this situation. But things are so hard for us.

Also, there are others who have been wishing ill-will on my life as well. I have to move and I have nowhere to go. No money. No rent-deposit money. My credit is messed up so bad and on top I gotta be out of my apartment by next month.

Please agree with us in faith. I cannot afford to be living outside with my two special needs kids. Especially with one of them always putting everything in his mouth. Also. one of my children seems like he’s just going backwards and not advancing at all and it’s really hurting me to see him to way.

I need somewhere to stay immediately and I need money to make this happen. Also my health is not good. My whole body hurts at times. Please pray also about this. I don’t know who will get this prayer request but its too much to write because I’m going through everything. Please pray for a overhaul job for me and my family. Also pray that God will watch over my oldest son Tyree in California. Thank you. Have a bless day.


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