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I need Jesus to heal me


Please pray for me I need Jesus to heal me. My body is broke and I have a lot of pain everyday to deal with.

I also need a financial miracle. My car is under repossession and I need it to go to Doctor appointments.

I love Jesus and his word and I believe he will do this for me. I know the devil has tried to take my life , but praise God he not going to get it.

I thank Jesus for his sacrifice and for my healing and my financial breakthrough.
Thank. You

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  1. I pray for inner healing, inner peace and balance into my life Father. May ever door open to me and Prosperity also Abundance Manifest into my Life in the Blood of Jesus. NO Weapons formed against Me shall prosper. I am winner and I thank you everyday Lord for having my front, back & both sides. I ask for forgiveness on every sin I have made. Make me right again and whole again Lord Jesus.I am truly bless from the heaven sky. I love God.

  2. Deborah, I pray for you. God is the greatest physician we could EVER call on. Give God your burdens in exchange for his yoke of peace. God, today I pray for Deborah’s healing, I ask right now in your son Jesus Christ name that you would heal Deborah from the crown of her head to the souls of her feet. No more medicine, no more disturbing news reports, NO MORE GOD! I claim healing in her body right now Jehovah Rapha (The Lord that heals). Abba Father, protect her vehicle lord, she will not have to lose her car because of none payment. God, right now I pray for a financial breakthrough for Deborah. We don’t know how you’ll do it father we just know that YOU WILL DO IT, thank you, Jesus. Deborah worry no more God is with you. I would say he’s on his way but he’s already there. Praise you!