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I am in a very deep financial bind

For ChristiansTT and all members of this prayer community: please receive my prayers for one and all, as I join you in praying for your intentions. I humbly ask of the Lord God, Our Father, to grant your earnest petitions.

And as for myself, I am in a very deep financial bind. It is one that could cause me continuing sorrow and worry. I tried to help out all to recover, a troubled soul, also in financial difficulties, with the assurance that I would be able to recover money that I’ve put out to help her. And now, procedural difficulties have become almost immovable obstacles along that way.

May I ask for prayer assistance, because prayer now is the only way to help overcome these obstacles. I suspect that I am under spiritual attack. Thanks for listening to my request. And once again I join with all in this community in common prayer.

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  1. Brethren. I need the intervention of God Almighty. I am going through challenges at work already battling with constructive dismissal, also, battling a divorce where this man wants all that God has blessed me with and he has never contributed anything. In the midst of all this is a home loan bond with the bank at the brink of loosing the home because cannot pay back the loan.

    In all the above, I give praise to God Almighty for all He has done for me and i do continue to trust Him for He Keeps His Word and is Full of Love and Grace. Amen

  2. Praise God, I m in lots and lots of financial problem unable to bear.i m not getting any job, not my son earn properly. His name is Sujith kumar under depression, no obedience no respect his behaviour so worst intolerable. Pls pray for my financial problem and for my son

  3. I pray for your riches for you and your family Simon. I believe those that pay their tithe as 100% in service to Christ will be blessed tenfold. I ASK for the same as I’ve used up almost all my income and savings to serve others to where I am now I the same boat. I know GOD here’s our prayers.