Healing, self control and spiritual warfare

In my relationship we had ups and some downs. My bf does say some things not appropriate. Then I think that he is going to leave me for another. I know I have no control in what he thinks or does. But this was last year and most times he will be sweet and does what comes with the relationship. I feel sometimes he tries to avoid talking of certain situations. I feel he holds back and I don’t know if he still deciding if I am the one. Its’ been 3 years. Or if he listening to what others tell him or he is waiting to be financially stable.

I am asking prayer for my relationship. I am also asking for self control over how I think and what I say. I love him but at one point a friend of his wrote something on fb about me that he told him. I confronted him and he said that when we broke up he said that. So I was hurt and he started to act like he had another one.

So I started talking to people about my life. They said he lying to you but their not proof. But I regret saying things bc now I see even if I don’t know what really happened in the phase he was wired. I tried get back at him it was childish. I recognize I was wrong. So I need turn back to the father and lay my trust in him.

I also need prayer for spiritual and prayers on curses. Where I worked at a girl visited a witchcraft lady and I feel cursed my feeling that everyone needs to know my problems. But I hold back now and try to be smart. I need prayers. Please help.