How a hamster helped Spread the Gospel!

I just want you to know that Jesus is alive and well and active and working for you. When you call on Him, He will answer.

About 9 days ago, my niece put her hamster named Coco back into its cage, but did not put the lid on properly, and the hamster disappeared.  My sister and brother-in-law turned the house upside down for days, trying to find the little creature.

We felt that it probably went into the garage, as the cage is near to the garage door exit. No sign of the hamster each day made everyone upset as they were attached to it.

This evening was the very first time since moving the Milton that I’ve had the house to myself. The stillness and quietness was like my food. I looked into the room where the hamster cage was and asked Jesus to help me find it. 

I kid you not: I walked into the same room and stood there doing something. In less than 2 minutes, I heard a whimper behind me, so I turned around and my hand reached over to the a shelf where I heard the noise, and there was Coco Puff.

I sent my sister a text message to let her know what happened, putting Jesus in the forefront of this whole thing.

How A Hamster Helped Spread The Gospel!

My sister, sitting on Jesus’s fence, but learning to believe more and more every day, phoned me to ask “Is this for real?” I said “Yes”. She was flabbergasted and I was happy to hear her reply, “Oh my gosh, I am going to pray right here, right now in the hockey arena and thank Jesus.”  My sister is particularly attached to the hamster.

I have been struggling a bit being here. My whole life is on the other side of the city and I feel guilty that I haven’t helped out much since I’ve been here.  I explained to my sister that this is what my life with Jesus is like. It is sometimes a struggle to talk to a non-believer about Jesus.

I explained to her that I am sent where I have to be and whom I have to be with but I feel guilty when I am not at her home at a half decent hour to help with the cooking and the chores. 

I explained what happened in my day today and how I felt guilty leaving someone who wanted to spend some time with me as I felt I had to rush back to her home to help her with everything.

She has never yet been the recipient of something like this happening where God used me to help her in a time of need.

I think today she finally understood and said “If this is what you have to do, then do it and do not even worry about me and what has to be done in this house. If you have to go, then go and I will understand.” 

You see, one of the first things I learned about my gift of prophecy is I am sent and I have to be sent. It scared me at first as it sounded like a horrible task of sacrifice that my family might never understand and they may wonder why I am not with them, but I have already seen and learned that there is always a greater purpose and need to be fulfilled for Jesus.

And when He chooses you to do the specific task for Him, you must go. At the same time, I must always know that my family is well and taken care of by the Most High God. I know He is always with them.

In Jesus’s name I pray and bless you all and myself in fulfilling His plan for your life, as you call on Him. Amen and Amen.

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