Gospel Artiste Robbed and Beaten at Home

Local Gospel Artiste Isaac Blackman, son of the late Ras Shorty-I, was robbed and beaten at his Piparo home around noon today. Six masked men, armed with cutlasses, invaded the family’s home earlier today and proceeded to beat Isaac almost to the point of passing out.

His two sons, aged two and three, who were at home at the time, were also tied up and taken to a separate room.  The men threatened to kill Isaac, but said they would spare his life because of who his father was. Blackman’s father is the renown late Ras Shorty I (Garfield Blackman), who lead his family’s music band The Love Circle. Isaac Blackman is internationally recognized for his 2006 hit song “To the Ceiling”.  They then robbed the family of household items before leaving, making their escape in Blackman’s Ford Ranger vehicle, registration TCD 1198.

We pray for a speedy recovery for Mr Isaac Blackman, and for the family who are extremely traumatized as a result of this unfortunate incident. Our love and prayers go out to the Blackman family.



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