God Does Work in Mysterious Ways!

I would like to share with you something about my family and to let you know that God works in mysterious ways and through each one of His angels.

My third son, Jonathan, is going to turn 19 soon. He is pursuing his Cambridge A Levels (the equivalent of College or first year university in the US). He intends to do a medical degree. A very smart boy who excels in everything, except chores at home!

He is very actively involved with the church and school charity programmes, in the sense that he organizes visits to shelters and collects clothing and other stuff from people to be sent to them. In his final years in school, he also approached some rich members in church for donations towards these homes.

His inspiration started as he became head of the Leo Club in school – an affiliate of the Lions Club in Malaysia which runs charity programmes nationwide. The boys who are members of this club in school used to collect old newspapers, recycling stuff from homes and sell them to buy gifts for the shelter homes for children, during their holidays in December.

One day, as he was speaking to a wealthy church member a few years ago in church, the family took a great deal of interest in his enthusiasm and his public speaking abilities and took him home. From then on, every time this family organised any charity, they would get him involved. This was usually in December, as it’s school holidays in Malaysia.

He was on semester break last December and, as usual, involved in the same. The wealthy family called to see me. My heart was overwhelmed, thinking “what’s the matter?”However, the message they had for me was that I didn’t need to worry about how I would finance educating this son of mine so that he would obtain his medical degree. They assured me that they will help him with financial aid in his studies after his A levels!

It brought tears to my eyes as I thanked them, though the first thing that spoke to my heart was: ‘I thank you, Lord, for this kindness but help me not to take advantage but depend on my abilities first’.

And today I ask myself how could I be an angel of God to someone else in some little way.

“I thank You my Lord for Your angels
And the kind heart and word You brought my way.
Help me, Lord, cherish it in all goodness
And help me be an angel in some little way,

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2 thoughts on “God Does Work in Mysterious Ways!”

  1. I’m asking for prayer I’m doing this project I look about people how can help them self me two of my church sister I’m tell you the truth thing or not easy but with god all things are possible I’m from Jamaica how we come by founds when we get pay we put together and we are not working much but little is much when god is in it so I’m asking for prayer please because right now my heart goes out them because a lot a them can’t find meal so I’m looking help other wise so please pray for me and girls as we go please in Jesus name

  2. Thank you for the prayers. You are my strength lord, help me and my son and deliver us from the persecutions at school. Help us to be free from our enemies. Amen

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