God answers another desire of my heart

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Today I realized that God answered another desire of my heart. I needed to be here to be taught. This year, I was searching on the internet to see when I Can Do It was coming to Toronto, but our city was not on the list.

I had forgotten “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive”. In this case, the right teachers arrived and boy oh boy, was I ever ready for this growth!

I asked my mother today what she thought of the seminar experiences so far and she said she has learned more than she thought she would. Today she was busy taking notes. I am happy that she understands it. Obviously God has a special plan for her for what she’s learning.


I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak to all three authors. I did not take photos with them except for Anita because her husband asked us to be in a photo. You see, they are also with their families and having their private time with them, so we are all being very respectful of that and they are thankful for it.

Yes, I will leave this cruise as a different person. I needed Anita Moorjani and Robert Holden the most. I, of all people, needed their assurance that God is in control of everything.

I knew it, but I needed to feel it in my heart, in the way that they would teach it. They pulled me up over some anxieties in my own life.

Imaculee reminded me how sweet our Heavenly Father is when you first encounter Him and to never forget that moment. He is always the same sweet and loving God.

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So, I will leave you tonight with a little of what we’ve learned. Some are reminders:

  • Don’t ever let anger turn into an obsession.
  • When you are about to go through something, God will give you signs, even simple signs.
  • Before you ever lose faith, ask God to give you a sign that He is with you.
  • Some people are smart in their minds. Become smart in your heart.
  • Go ahead and meet your anxiety and fear, and walk through it, not away from it.
  • Finally, get your rest and sleep: don’t be too tired to do God’s work.

Video – Left to Tell: Immaculee Ilibagiza


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