Gainful and Happy Employment Close to Home

Oh Merciful Father in heaven!!! I beg your grace and mercy in granting gainful and happy employment close to home especially for my sister Margie. She has been out of work for the last nine months, after being laid off from a job she worked at 31 years. She has tried and tried to find suitable employment without any success. I beg your grace and mercy in finding her a perfect job, which will guarantee her and her family a good future. Thank you so much in advance for favors received. Love always.

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1 thought on “Gainful and Happy Employment Close to Home

  1. Dear Heavenly Father,

    I pray for sister Barbars and sister Margie. They who are in need of your intervenes in their situation, my Lord Grant them your grace. What you have planned for them let it be at reach. All barriers placed in their lives by the enemy, my God destroy the works of satan in Jesus name Amen.