Flesh-eating drug Krokodil surfaces in US


We are well aware of the need to keep ourselves away from drugs. But now a new drug takes this to a new frightening level. Krokodil, a highly addictive designer drug that aggressively eats through flesh, has reportedly reached the shores of the United States.

This cheap heroin substitute rots the flesh of addicts, usually killing them within two years.

Officials in the US state of Arizona, where the mexican drug cartels have pretty much taken over parts of the state, fear they may be seeing the beginning of an epidemic after two people in just one week attended hospitals suffering the devastating symptoms of the flesh-eating drug.

Krokodil – real name desomorphine – is an ultra-cheap heroin substitute that is made using crushed codeine pills, gasoline, cooking oil, iodine, paint thinner and lighter fluid among its toxic ingredients.

The drug, which has become extremely popular in Russia in recent years, gets its name from the stench and reptilian texture it gives to an addict’s skin before it eventually eats it away completely, often leaving a user’s bones exposed.

Krokodil is also highly addictive and short-lasting – meaning many addicts exist in a never-ending cycle of drug consumption and drug preparation.

The drug is called Krokodil because it leaves users with scaly skin like a crocodile . Although it has the same mental effects as heroin, krokodil’s incredibly cheap ingredients – all of which can be purchased legally in corner shops and supermarkets in Russia – cause dramatic and devastating consequences in a user’s body.

Many addicts suffer brain damage and speech impediments from this flesh-eating drug, but it is from the fact it often causes blood vessels to burst – leaving strong-smelling gangrenous wounds to fester on the body – that krokodil acquired its sinister name and reputation.

The average krokodil user has a life expectancy of just two to three years after they start taking the drug, and in that time they can expect their skin to turn green, scaly and fall-off as a kind of pre-death decomposition sets in.

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  1. some Christians are living in their own bubble if it doesn’t happen to u it might happen to one of your friends your family someone u might know please think first before u post them stupid things up. There are so many Christians who struggle with their daily lives and turn to some sort of comfort may not be the right thing but that is the reality. Christians are living in this world too with all the wrong this and we are exposed and more at risk than those who are in the world the devil already have them is we he want so he will do anything to get us back there. Remember that .

  2. nicholas alot of christians are addicts and are trying to get off drugs its a slow process but with the power of the holy spirit we all will become free of satans grip thank you for sharing