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Financial prayer – I have opened too many credit cards!

LORD you know me, in and out. You know my situation. I need your help in getting rid of the debt I have created. Every time I turn around, it seems the children are always needing something and I have opened so many credit cards to try and get what they need.

I have misused money in the past. But now LORD, I know better. I know what I must do to keep my household afloat. Oh Lord, I owe so much to my niece and nephew who are entrusted into my care.

I don’t have the means to take care of them as I should. I want to be able to provide for them as well as my own children. But I am in so much debt and can barely buy food or pay the light bills at time. I try to do things my way but it never comes out right.

I need a financial blessing to get rid of the debt I’m in, the debt that I foolishly accumulated. Lord, I know this is not the way to live and I am living above my means.

So, I humbly pray LORD you will forgive me for the choices I made. And I hope you will have mercy to help me get out of this financial burden that I created. I own up to my mistakes and learned from them.

Please give me a second chance to live the right way financially, but clearing my debt. Every credit card I own will be destroyed this day.

I know You are the only one that can help me and others in similar situations as myself. I admit my mistake and pray for forgiveness, in Jesus name, amen.

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  1. Please pray for me to find a good paying job and for a financial breakthrough to pay off my Bill’s in Jesus name