Divorced and in need of a financial miracle

I ask to please pray for me for a financial miracle. After a divorce (because of being abused), I am left with an abundance of bills and I am having difficulties being able to make all the payments for car, house, credit cards, gas, and food.

Please, I desperately need help. I don’t know how I will survive the winter. I don’t have money tonight for dinner for the kids. A miracle is what I need.

Although I have items for sale, they won’t sell. I need a part-time job but can’t get one because I lack the experience in retail. Although I have a full-time job, I need a part-time job to help me get through the next few months.

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time but not for me. It stresses me every year. Where am I going to get the money to provide my kids with a nice Christmas? I cannot be happy. What I need is to have enough so I can breath easier. I need to just get by until my house sells.

I also am asking prayers for that too and for a miracle for me to get approved for a home loan. There aren’t any rentals or apartments here and I have animals too that I need to provide for. Please ask God to bless me even it’s just enough for me to get by this winter and get past Christmas. I’m desperate. Please have Mercy on me Lord. Please forgive me.

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1 thought on “Divorced and in need of a financial miracle

  1. I’m going through the same thing only he’s chosen to allow me to be homeless rather than allow me into my own home. He in the meanwhile lives in a enormous home while I search for shelter in the cold. I pray for you and your children. It’s just terrible the way they retaliate for not wanting to be hurt anymore. I pray God gives us both gigantic favor immediately. Amen