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Prayer request for release from Financial Debts

I need a financial breakthrough. I have been praying for months on end for Father Jehovah to help me pay off these bills. The total amount of my debts are $40,000 dollars.

I know that it is not a lot to some. But it is to me as a single parent. These bills are stressing me out. I have had a massive heart attack due to this.

The bill collectors are calling me two – four times a day. I have explained my situation to them. But they will not stop calling. They are now yelling at me on the phone and threatening me.

Please pray for me.  I need this financial breakthrough yesterday.  My heart can not take this anymore. I will never put myself back in this situation again. I have been praying everyday and night for relief. My prayers seems to be going unanswered.

I need your help. Father Jehovah said, if two or more are praying together, I am there. Please pray with me. Thank You. God Bless You.

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  1. pray for husband again he has a lot of debt that give me stress and he need a job to refund the owner of debt everything we had have gone becouse of this debt and my kids are failing to go to school .
    God of a braham help me this year i don”t want to face again this situation.

  2. Praise the lord sir

    pl pray for my financial problems and new job
    needs financial break through

    pl ray for my boss Mr.Janardhan for his upcoming project at Srilanka.
    pl pray for the funds to be released.

  3. I’m Caleb father to 4 Kids have been having financial challenge and have bills now nearing 10000$ my phone is ringing day and night from debt collectors. God have mercy on my young family… Help me God on my knees..

  4. In my family, income is very low.

    My husband need a job. My Mother and me in debt’s that give me stress due to the small salary. Please help me Lord ans solve my debt problems.Please give me a relief to my family.