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Prayer request for release from Financial Debts

I need a financial breakthrough. I have been praying for months on end for Father Jehovah to help me pay off these bills. The total amount of my debts are $40,000 dollars.

I know that it is not a lot to some. But it is to me as a single parent. These bills are stressing me out. I have had a massive heart attack due to this.

The bill collectors are calling me two – four times a day. I have explained my situation to them. But they will not stop calling. They are now yelling at me on the phone and threatening me.

Please pray for me.  I need this financial breakthrough yesterday.  My heart can not take this anymore. I will never put myself back in this situation again. I have been praying everyday and night for relief. My prayers seems to be going unanswered.

I need your help. Father Jehovah said, if two or more are praying together, I am there. Please pray with me. Thank You. God Bless You.


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