Financial breakthrough and spiritual warfare – “Life has been so tricky and difficult to me”

Prayer Requests

I am a born-again Christian from Kenya, married and have two children who are all in school. I am a businessman and my wife too. Life has been so tricky and difficult to me that I am up and down time and again. I must confess to you that I have gone out of my way many times, and back after a short while of being convicted to return to the Christian fold. This has happened quietly and many times without the knowledge of my family.

This has been the case year in, year out. Life has now become even more difficult. Although I am now heavily indebted, I am not about to let go of my zeal for salvation. I believe this is part of the spiritual warfare that I am encountering.

Remember me and my family in prayer. My wife and my two sons. Pray for us as we also pray for the ministry. God bless you all, Simon.

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