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Financial breakthrough and spiritual warfare – “Life has been so tricky and difficult to me”

I am a born-again Christian from Kenya, married and have two children who are all in school. I am a businessman and my wife too. Life has been so tricky and difficult to me that I am up and down time and again. I must confess to you that I have gone out of my way many times, and back after a short while of being convicted to return to the Christian fold. This has happened quietly and many times without the knowledge of my family.

This has been the case year in, year out. Life has now become even more difficult. Although I am now heavily indebted, I am not about to let go of my zeal for salvation. I believe this is part of the spiritual warfare that I am encountering.

Remember me and my family in prayer. My wife and my two sons. Pray for us as we also pray for the ministry. God bless you all, Simon.

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2 thoughts on “Financial breakthrough and spiritual warfare – “Life has been so tricky and difficult to me””

  1. Please Heavenly Father and Our Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit, I humbly come before thee in prayer to request your many blessings bestowed upon my sons & I, and for a victorious outcome in this trial. Please not let the enemy prevail, but rather my son. I pray for divine intervention in this matter, that it may be settled in a fair manner so my son does not suffer financial ruin but rather your bountiful blessing bestowed upon him & may he follow the Lord faithfully with pure heart and soul. I am deeply thankful & greatful of all blessing received in Jesus’s name I pray ?AMEN?

    1. Father, You are the God of Gods and the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings. You are Omnipresent in our lives. There are many prayer requesting your present, wisdom and understanding with knowledge. God says be still and know that I am the Saviour. O yea of little faith head my word. That there is nothing to hard for me. If you believe that I am He and He is me and without a doubt there is nothing to hard for me. Let Go and Let God. In the last days people will have a form of Godliness but not allowing me to work in you. Everything happens for a reason and you must know that I am trying to work in you. Pray and repent to the Most High. And not think it strange these things are happening. If you trust me you will overcome the struggles. If you stop once you have cast your cares on me then I then can work in you. We do not fight against flesh and blood but wickedness in high places. Be still and know that I am God. Nothing is impossible for me. If I fed 40,000 people with fish and loaf of bread. What is that I can not do for you. The fruit of the spirit is Peace find it through me, Longsuffering, meekness, humility . Humble yourself and speak to only me and have faith of not what you see or going through. Wait patiently and you will see that I am Father who has dominion over this land. Be encourage.

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