Jeff Markin suffered a massive heart attack and was pronounced dead. But Dr. Crandall kept hearing a voice telling him to pray for Jeff Markin. Even though there was obviously no life left in his body Dr. Crandall reluctantly prayed and asked God to revive him. Jeff was shocked one last time and immediately a perfect heartbeat returned.

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This story is an awesome example of the power of prayer and what a little faith can do. Jeff has no long term effects from his near death experience and has accepted God into his life.  Share this story with your friends and you may change a life.


  1. Oh WOW!!! What a miracle! Thank GOD and to Him be the glory! Amen!
    We also thank GOD for the gracious reminder for all believers that we should always be alert & perceptive toward the Divine power, ready to hear that loving Voice of GOD speaking to us and be submissive to it…even amidst our busy & hectic life schedules.
    Very uplifting & inspiring indeed…we really see the power of the Gospel; the faith of the believers & the dynamic spirit filled early Churches being victoriously restored! Hallelujah!


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