Discipline – my way of life in God, family, friends and work

Hebrews 12 : 11 “Now no chastening for the present seems to be joyous but grievous, nevertheless afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to them which are exercised thereby”

Anything beyond my normal duties at work becomes tough for me to handle; more so, if it’s an eleventh hour request to do something extraordinary. Preparation of presentations and slides within half a day, and going to an overseas branch to present it, was something that got my blood pressure rising.

This is the third time I was sent this way for work, despite me raising my concerns. I thought I had to let my director know how I truly felt and I had to raise my concerns about the eleventh hour notices. As usual, I prayed that the Lord would guide me in my choice of words and allow my temperament to be suitable for work and containing nothing personal. I waited for most of the staff to leave the office and confronted him in his room. I voiced my dissatisfaction that I’m always getting very late notices for overseas work, while others got ample time to prepare for their trips. I specifically brought his attention to me being a single parent and my inability to leave home without proper preparation as well.

Though I initially took the job with much anger, disappointment and anxiety, I’m happy that I got it done successfully and got my point across to my boss. Whether he understood me or not, I’m quite sure the next time he will hesistate to put me in the same scenario.

It is obvious that I need this job and that it is the only source of income to support my children. But the organisation cannot be unfair in its deployment of staff for emergencies and overseas duties. Fair work according to wages and the ability of the individual must be the core desire of good, well-established organisations towards employees. I wasn’t afraid that my future promotions and offers may be at stake. I have always had excellent disciplinary records and no absentism without valid reasons. So as I walked into his room to make a point, I wasn’t afraid and it was noted with much respect and concerns.

I believe discipline speaks for itself in most of life’s situations. When we do things correctly, most of the time, it all happens for good. And, in the times we are ill-treated, we could voice out or make our point known. When we have done our work diligently and lived up to, and beyond, the expectations of an organisation, we will be respected for the things we do and the propositions we make to improve or disapprove something will be heard and noted. Chances of losing a job or getting terminated may never be anticipated.

God teaches us that discipline is necessary in life. When a child or even an adult goes through life without discipline, they are missing out on the character-building necessary to make them a better person. However, even though we’re aware of this, self discipline is not an easy task, no matter how faithful we are as Christians. There are temptations throughout life that will constantly plague us but if we use the Bible to help us become disciplined, these temptations won’t matter as much to us. Imagine a life where we can strongly stand up to any temptation. That is completely possible through Jesus Christ. As we are God’s children, disciplining ourselves is one of the core points when it comes to our prayer life and a life of service to others. We can’t lead and we can’t preach when we don’t have discipline, for there will be no order and path set right for others to follow.

Our Lord Jesus had a great deal of discipline. He was disciplined in choosing the way of His Father and His will and persevering in it, despite all the temptations of satan. His quiet time prayer, away from the crowd, to persevere in the Father’s plans and the way He approached and settled a crowd in order, as they listened to Him, is a great example for us in discipline. A disciplined way of life makes us a better person in life with God and with one another.

My daily prayer would be for me and my children to have a life of discipline for God, family and work. Pleasures will come our way and will be met but it will all be in accordance to family values and focus, in accordance to a life in discipline in God and His word. AMEN!

How about making a disciplined way of life your daily prayer!

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